Learn how master coaches easily create influential content consistently and become
The Recognized Expert” in their industry

Walk Away with 30 Days of Your Best, Most Inspired Content Planned Out in 60 Minutes or LESS...and feel energized and aligned while creating it!

Discover how to create and outline your most inspired, aligned content, so you can finally stand out as an expert!

Let's be honest. Creating content can flat out suck...especially when you feel like you have nothing good or relevant to say at the same time. At times, you probably realize writing content can feel hard, forced and like a struggle. If you're like most, you open Instagram and half the time you know you should post, and the words just aren't flowing. You look at other accounts and wonder how they keep up...

Sometimes the content flows...and other times it feels like a dried up well, right? It feels like you're stuck...

You are confident in your ability to coach and you know you have a lot to offer...and putting that into a post or a story feels almost impossible. You already know how important it is to show up consistently on Instagram for your business...and sometimes you even create posts and then the doubts just creep in and you wonder, "what's even the point of this...?"

If you’re like most, writers block can get the best of you and then you’re sitting in a spiral questioning all your posts and wondering if it even aligns with your message. And then...you question if you even know your message. 

But writing content consistently is hard, isn’t it?


Creating aligned content that helps you stand out can be incredibly easy... if you know how!

The reason why most people struggle with creating content comes down to just a few reasons:

1. Limiting beliefs: The fact that you think it's hard or that you’re bad at it, actually makes it that way. Overcoming this limited mindset is key to overcoming writer's block and being “bad” at content.

2. Limited experience: It's just something you haven't done a lot of times yet, but once you see how easy it is, you'll be creating content after content.

3. Limited knowledge: You just haven't learned the exact process yet which will make your content flow (even if you question and doubt everything you write!)

The good news is, you can correct all these things by learning a simple step-by-step process that allows you to overcome your limiting beliefs and your writers block AND create content anytime you want to.

Imagine how EASY content creation will feel after you have the right steps AND mindset! How good will it feel to what to talk about each day to attract your perfect followers?!

The RIGHT Content Doesn't Just Attract Your Ideal Audience It Also Should:

Help You Stand Out As An Expert

Every single piece of content you publish should establish your expertise and credibility in your niche plus help your audience get to know you and how you can help them.

Flow, Be Aligned + Inspired

You already realize how much BETTER your content is when you're inspired. Imagine what it would be like for you to have a completely inspired content plan DONE for the entire next 30 days that lights you UP and energizes you when you're writing!

Be Your 24/7 Salesperson

When your ideal audience reads your content, you know it should be obvious what you do, who you help and how you help them.

Work for YOU!

Your content should be what you want...NOT what the experts say it should be. It should work for you, not be an overwhelming task you have to do. By the end of this workshop you'll know exactly how to structure your content and feel good when you hit publish.

Do you suffer from blinking cursor syndrome?

If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re starting to see a glimmer of how it is possible for you, with the right steps, to create consistent content.

And you’re starting to see that with the right process your content can show off your expertise and align perfectly with your message...but you’re probably imagining yourself staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor while you ask yourself, 

“How am I supposed to take all my expertise and put it into one paragraph of writing or 15 seconds of video?' 

"How can I write so much, when it takes me hours to create one post?" 

"How do I get past all of those doubts that creep in right when I go to hit publish?"

 "And how do I make sure I’m including all the right messaging to give value to my people?" 

It can be so intimidating that you avoid writing content and you just end up in the scroll... I get it.

Here's a little top 'Insider Secret' for ya:  

Great content isn’t put together randomly, one content piece at a time

It is assembled, step by step, piece by piece...starting with the END in mind. 

There is a RECIPE to putting together your content plan.

And this recipe consists of 8 ingredients.

And if you’re missing even just one step, you run the risk of getting overwhelmed, frustrated and completely missing the mark with your content.

So how do you write 30 days of content at once...easily and inspired, without questioning the heck out of yourself? 

There is also a specific ORDER to each of those steps. PLUS... each step must be created with the end in mind.

Wondering what the end is? Keep reading. 

So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions for your monthly content plan?

Imagine if you could follow these steps with paint-by-numbers precision and simplicity...

EVEN if you’ve never felt good about your content before.

Even if you strongly dislike writing.

Even if you question and doubt yourself.

No more feeling bad about your content!

No more wondering if it will convert!

No more wasting time and hours one even just one piece of content.

Imagine for just a moment...

...that you had a step-by-step process for creating your monthly content plan to stand out as an expert...

...imagine you could create an entire map and outline in just 90 minutes... 

...You would have a completed content plan DONE...

And you already know once you have this process, you can use it over and over again! 

In fact, we (and our students) use the exact same content process month after month...Isn’t it great to have the step by step so you know exactly what to do?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here.


Make Your Content Creation Process Easy and Effortless

The Simple Step-by-Step, Template-Driven System for Creating Your Best, Converting Content YET...or Your Money Back!

Soon you will know how easy it is to create content with this 8 Step Quantum Content Process! The Quantum Content content process is fully customizable to your coaching business and you can use it again and again to create content that finally, makes you stand out as the expert you are!

  • The Quantum Content Process: 90 Minute Detailed Training to discover how to create content that specifically makes you stand out as an expert. Walk away with 30 Days of content PLANNED.
  • 30 Days of Content Prompts to easily and effortlessly create content and attract your ideal audience. (value $47)
  • Calendar + PDF guide with The Content Lab Pre-Planned 30 Day Calendar to plan out your next 30 days of content, easily! (value $27)
  • 4 Insta Story customizable templates to maximize engagement and create shareable content and...bonus create super fans! (value $27)

** Special Gift 1: Become a Content Master Hypnosis Pack **

Subconscious Priming Hypnosis and audio pack to remove doubts and limiting beliefs and feel confident in your content creation ability! (value $97)

Listen to these audios everyday for 21 days and discover new confidence to create amazing, aligned content.

These audios will help you to:

  • shift your beliefs around the EASE of content creation
  • align you with the vibration frequency of high-vibe content that leaves you feeling energized
  • prime the reticular activating system to subconsciously focus on creating the right content so you stand out (value $97)
  • 3 Audios Included!

** Special Gift 2: The Content Planner PRO**

Plan Out Your Content in Less Time and Connect + Engage with Your Audience! 90+ Content Prompts + Ideas For Your Business (value $97)

** Special Gift 3: 26+ Masterful Persuasive Language Patterns**

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After you enroll in The Quantum Content Training You'll Receive...


The Quantum Content Process: 90 Minute Detailed Training value $247

Inside The Quantum Content Training get The EXACT Detailed 8 Step Process to Make Content Creation feel ENERGIZING again. You'll discover how to get past writers block, pull out expert content, align it with your message and expertise and plan it out so you know the minimum content to create to show up, be consistent and stand out....and FEEL GOOD about it.


30 Days of Proven Content Prompts value $47

Get inspired and connected to your best content flow by using these prompts. Imagine how easy and simple creating AMAZING content will be after yoou receive these prompts!


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Special Gift 1: Become a Content Master Hypnosis Pack value $97

Subconscious Priming Hypnosis and 3 audio tracks to remove doubts and feel confident in your content creation ability! Listen to this audio every time you create content to feel the energizing content flow as a master content creator!


Special Gift 2: The Content Planner Pro value $97

90+ Content Ideas and questions to help you formulate even better content!


Special Gift 3: 26+ Masterful Persuasive Language Patterns value $97

As a Master NLP Coach I've learned how to use language to shift my audience's perspective...and now I'm sharing them with you!

Instant Access to the training + Content Prompts + Subconscious Audios + More


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Hey there! I'm Nicole (the CEO behind The Culver Co.)

I'm an expert content creator, Master NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, and the CEO of The Culver Co. I am also the behind the scenes of our boutique Content Marketing Agency. I've personally written thousands of pieces of content, filmed hundreds of videos and have been creating content for myself and clients for the past 10 years. I know what works when it comes to creating better content that actually converts...and I'm thrilled to share these templates with you to help you connect with your audience AND have the content Inspo easy and flowing! After you attend this live workshop you'll be amazed at how easy content comes to you! You'll be inspired, motivated and aligned! I've include these meditations to talk directly to your subconscious to bring you back to content creation FLOW. After these audios you'll be AMAZED at how your message is ready to be shared!


How do I get access?

After you register you will receive an email with the portal and the special gifts! The hypnosis and audio packs are 100% yours to keep!

Can I rewatch this?

Absolutely! Coaches who want to get the BEST results know they should listen 2-3 times to fully absorb the info.

What if I'm super doubtful about my content process?

I got you! I've created thousands of pieces of content for myself and for our agency. I will lead you through the step by step, tangible Quantum Content process and after you will feel ENERGIZED about creating content that helps you stand apart as an expert. The workshop paid with the subconscious priming audio leads you to your next level content creator self. It's magic! Our students get amazing results, check out the testimonials and pictures!

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