3 Part LIVE Workshop September 22-24

What if you could create revenue in your business without worrying about your traffic, page views or audience size?

In this 3 part series you'll discover:

  • Discover the two trends that are hugely affecting your income, sponsored posts and ad revenue as a blogger and an influencer (and you may not even know it!)
  • Learn why 99% of Bloggers are operating in the old business model and why you need to leave it behind to move ahead
  • Get access to the Profit Potential formula which will show you how to calculate your monthly income potential based on 3 key factors
  • The 3 keys to creating a digital product that is effortless to sell (because people are already lining up!)
  • Download The Influencer Income Engine Blueprint AND Digital Product Roadmap that gives you the step by step to growing your influencer business without spending ANY extra time working! (Seriously, you can do this in 1 hour a day!)

For the past 10 years I've been creating and selling my own physical and digital products to thousands of women like you and I'm here to tell you it CAN be simple and easy...and FUN if you just knew exactly what to focus on.

That's why I'm hosting this 3 day FREE series that is part PARTY, part BOOTCAMP to show you how creating your digital product, like an e-book, course or membership can be light, fun and easy...

I'm also going to show you the SECRET anti-selling strategy that makes bringing in money actually FUN and easy for you...and feel like a GIFT to every person you talk to.

Let me help you see what is possible for you...with a plan!