The Only Program You Need to Build and Scale Your Influencer Business to 5 Figures and Beyond!

Find Your Perfect Audience, Determine Your Growth Strategy And Grow A Thriving Profitable Business 


Creating and starting an influencer brand is a no brainer, but knowing how to actually strategically grow it into a thriving business that makes money is the hard part.

Have a blog? Awesome. What do you do next?

If you are a influencer or wellness professional who is looking to build a business and stop worrying about pageviews and algorithms..  

If you’re looking to build a real, thriving business and get out of your 9-5 job…  

If you have a vision of growing a real influencer business to help support you and your family with your own brand…  

Shift University is here for you.

You already know you need to build your own tribe and create content that your perfect person wants…  

4 reasons bloggers aren’t able to break out of algorithm jail and grow a profitable business (and how to guarantee YOU WILL)

Reason 1: Bloggers greatly underestimate and look past their current audience  

Good news: You can switch your focus to concentrate on engagement now and learn more about what your people really want, which will also in turn attract the perfect people to you. By using our Problem to Profit Matrix you can use your audience’s feedback to create more content, products and brand partnerships to serve them even better.  

Reason 2: Bloggers focus on the wrong metrics

Good news: Audience size and pageviews can be the slowest to grow. If you switch your focus, the first metric you should be looking at are engagement and results. Results come from the questions: How can you get your people to talk back to you? How can you get your people to do more of what you tell them to do? (make a recipe, workout, meal plan, eat healthy, etc) If you only concentrate on engagement and results, you’ll see your audience size will organically grow AND it will grow with your perfect people. BONUS: your income will increase as well!  

Reason 3: Bloggers don’t have a growth strategy.

You need to grow your income. But how? Inside the Influencer Income Blueprint we walk you through step by step the exact action items you need to take. Not sure where to start? The Influencer Accelerator Assessment will determine what stage of business you are in and tell you where to start!

Reason 4: Bloggers put off their income until “later” and wait to make money. 

Good news: You need to start now. It does not matter your audience size or how long you have been a blogger. You need to start making money now and inside SHIFT U we should you EXACTLY how to do this! 

Can we let you in on a little secret?  

Every successful influencer brand has a growth strategy that is not 100% dependent on algorithms.

The online school for growing a profitable influencer brand.  

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in eight years of running our own blog and food business. Every failure and every success has been translated into a step by step blueprint. The Influencer Intensive blueprint and assessment determines where you should start and what you should be working on.  

It’s not so much a training program as it is an online school. It’s the real business school that you need to grow a successful brand and business. Everything you have learned up to this point has not given you the tools and support you have need to grow a business. When you join Shift U you will have a meticulous plan that leaves nothing out as you implement it.  

The end result: A profitable, scaleable long term business that fits into your life.  

I've been there. 

I started my own business online and in my local community in 2011. I opened a granola business called Blissful Eats. I knew I could make money and I did, but what I didn’t know is that the cost of running a physical products business made the profit hard to come by.  

I got into stores like Whole Foods, Amazon, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Thrive Market and more. Our sales were great, but our profit was not. We sold thousands and thousands of bags of granola and grain free mixes...but because we didn’t take on any investors, I had to figure out a way to supplement the cost of running the business.  

I knew there had to be a better way and a different way to help, so I started helping other women in the food and wellness industry

I realized I had missed creating personal connections with Blissful Eats. I also felt something I had never felt with Blissful Eats...momentum.

Two things changed everything. The food entrepreneur summit. May of 2016 changed my entire business. And taught me 2 important lessons!

Lesson 1: I didn't need to wait. Through collaborations I was able to leverage other people’s audiences to find my perfect people. And I did that with spending less than $1,000 on FB ads and made $11k in a month.  

Lesson 2: There was a need for my services. I realized there were other women out there suffering through businesses that were not making them enough money for the time and effort they were putting in. The lessons I learned through Blissful Eats were extremely important. I had learned how to build a product an audience and a business all online. People need to know this and no one was talking to my people. Yes there are the big names like Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, Ryan Levesque etc. But those are training marketers how to market. There are very few people training business owners how to leverage online without spending all of their time building funnels and managing their fb ads.  

How do real business owners build an audience of people who are ready to buy their products or services. A system that finds and develops relationships with people. These people turn into long term customers who need your services.  

Learning marketing and how to get in front of MORE people that know, like and trust me. 

The skills you need to make money to grow a thriving business. The steps you need to take to get in front of the right people, to grow an engaged, dedicated audience and to monetize. It’s your KEY to growing your business. What you NEED to learn. What you can’t do without to grow. You need a digital strategy. Without it it will be a SLOW SLOG. 

The two other things you need?  

Mentorship + a community.  

You need a community of people who you can get to know, invest time into, work with, do collaborations with rely on for support. Help you with resources, their experiences, advice.  

Every successful entrepreneur has a group of people they rely on. Their tribe. A group of people who have their back. 

Shift University has your tribe! 

Shift University The first online program of it’s kind that has the… 

  • Influencer Income Engine Blueprint: the exact step by step blueprint to show you your path to success  
  • Influencer Assessment Accelerator: determine your unique starting point and what focus and trainings you should be doing  
  •  Live Hot Seat Trainings: Weekly trainings on business strategy, Instagram Trends and Photography classes to help you excel and succeed.  

And more!! 

Here’s how it breaks down

  • Learn Your Stage of Business and Where to Get Started
  • Local Leverage Method
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Create Your Growth Strategy
  • Email Marketing + Lead Generation
  • The Authority Method
  • Perfect Your Pitch
  • Mindset + Productivity Mastery
  • Legal + Taxes
  • SEO + Blogging 

To make sure you get started increasing your engagement quickly you’ll get immediate access to: Instant Audience Bonus! How to increase you engagement and your audience in 10 days!

And to make sure you are supported every step of the way, You’ll also get access to: Bonus #2: Private Facebook Group 

Get the support and accountability you need to keep moving forward in your business week after week This is a group of committed influencers at every stage of their business journey, committed to connecting with their people and growing a business that works for their life! 

This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing question answered quickly and accurately, learn from what other influencers are doing and..  

Direct access to me and my team. This is where I hang out. I am there everyday to answer any questions and support you. In addition I also have Allie McDonald head of our photography department and Jess Norby head of Instagram Department. My husband Dan is there to handle any funnels and fb ad questions!  

Imagine what your life would be like if you had a PLAN and a FOCUS and you woke up every morning feeling EXCITED and REFRESHED. You know exactly what to work on and exactly how money is going to be coming in this month.  

The Truth is...

There are a lot of courses out there. I know this. But this membership is the BEST out there.  

I guarantee this.  

If that isn’t enough, we also have hundreds of women inside the group who say the same thing.  

Nicole Culver is the Founder and President of Shift University. Nicole shows bloggers and health professionals how to build their expertise and make an impact with any size audience. Nicole is the creator of The Social Shift movement which moves away from the old blog model of counting pageviews and focuses on the new way of running your business based on engagement + relationships. Nicole is a work at home / stay at home mom of three girls. She loves the early morning....and too much coffee.  

Dan Culver is a funnel and online marketing expert. He has helped grow the family business from a local snack food company to a national digital school which reaches 100's of thousands of people every year. 

Dan is the head of our Facebook + Funnels Department where he helps our students learn how to create + build funnels that sell your products + services.

Dan loves being a work home dad to his 3 girls and helping other entrepreneurs grow their business with online marketing. 

Allie Doran is a food photographer, writer, content manager, and the owner and voice behind Miss Allie's Kitchen, a whole food recipe and lifestyle resource. She enjoys facilitating quality content that resonates with an audience or consumer whether she's behind her camera or stringing words together on her laptop. 

Allie leads the Photography Department in Shift, teaching our students how to improve their photography monthly. SHIFT U knows how important beautiful photography is. Allie shows our student how to make their photography work for them in the time they have . 

Allie loves small-town life with her husband, Jared, and their lab, Sadie, and never underestimates the power of a glass of wine and a slice of homemade pie. 

Jess is a social media strategist living in Charlottesville, VA. She's passionate about helping small businesses establish strong, authentic relationships within their communities using social media, and believes that by focusing on quality connections and 1:1 conversations, it can be a powerful tool for growing a business.

Jess leads our Instagram Department, teaching monthly live workshops. Our Instagram department is where students can come to learn how to grow an engaged community on one of fastest growing social media platforms.  

Never worry about missing something. It’s all stored inside our platform.  

You’ll also get access to these BONUSES whether you stay or not  

What does $45 a month mean to you? What does $1.50 a day mean to you? 

To meet new connections + a mentor who will propel your business forward with a group of people who want to support + lift you up.  

In 6 months, you’ll look back and be amazed at your progress.  

Last thing… 

If you commit, you won’t believe what you can do in one year if you start right now. 

Private clients pay $5k + to work with me and you’re getting access for only $45 a month.  

We have hundreds of members, many inside for 2+ years that you can rely on, become friends with and work with.  

Are you ready to take the leap and make your best investment yet?

See you inside SHIFT U! Click the button below to join us! xx Nicole  



Your card will be billed every 30 days. You can cancel monthly membership at any time before your next billing cycle through our online payment platform. You can also email us at least 3 business days before your next charge at and let us know you want to cancel your monthly membership. We will then stop the recurring charge. There will be no refunds.