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Hi I'm Nicole! 

In this live training you are going to discover the FUTURE of influencer marketing, The Social Shift. You'll also learn a NEW way to create content so you will learn how to save 4-5 hours in your workweek, make a plan to grow...and even turn your blog into a reliable revenue stream. My mission with this is to show you that it is possible to have an amazing influencer biz with only 1k TRUE followers ...or less. No matter your traffic, pageviews or followers. To show you, that you actually can support + contribute to your family in a big way. That you can carry out your dreams + make them I've taken everything I've learned from being a full time entrepreneur for the past 7+ years running my food company, Blissful Eats, hosting the Food Entrepreneur Summit and working with hundreds of health + wellness bloggers and influencers and share out the knowledge through this planner + my email series so you can learn it too and have the same success that we have had. xo, - Nicole Culver

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